Favourite manager: Jimmy Bloomfield
Which club did you support as a child: Tottenham Hotspur
Career highlight: Scoring a goal against Brazil at the Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janiero
Most memorable moment: Winning my first International cap for the Republic of Ireland
Best goal / save: Against Brazil
Best player in own team: Liam Brady/Alan Ball
Best player in opposing team: George Best/Pele
Funniest moment: Not knowing the Irish National Anthem
What do you most miss about life as a player: The involvement and training and the banter amongst the lads.
Which current player do you think you most compare with: John Terry
What one thing would you change about the game today: The money is too much and will cause huge problems for the future of the game.
What was your strangest request from a fan: Someone asked me to take their wife out for dinner.
Have your years of playing football affected your body physically: No! I have been very lucky
Any quirky pre-match rituals: No
Nicknames your team-mates gave you: "Henry"